About Me


Hello! My name is Wei Jun, a Pre Sales Engineer from Singapore currently working in VMware. I previously graduated from Singapore Management University with a degree in Information Systems where I mainly dabble with the idea of using technology to help businesses achieve their goals. Upon graduation, I was given the opportunity to join VMware under a fresh graduate hire program which brought me into a whole new world of IT focusing heavily on the IT infrastructure side of things. I started to find myself in a position where I am force to learn at a really face pace on a day to day basis. I felt this would be a great opportunity for me to use this platform to document my learnings which may hopefully be beneficial to others as well.


During my free time, I enjoy keeping up-to-date with all sorts of technology. I still have a soft spot when it comes to writing code from time to time as I have always like the idea of building something from ground zero. Technology aside, I’m a huge fan of eSports where I mainly follow the Dota 2 competitive scene.


All content shared are of my own, and not a reflection and/or endorsement of the organization I work for.