Uhh… Why am I even blogging?

Published: 1 minute read

I have been wanting to do this for quite awhile now but I could just never find the reason to start blogging about something. After much procrastination, I felt that this is a best time for me to document/share my journey into the world of cloud/software-defined datacenter. Given that IT has always been progressing at such a fast pace, as much as possible I would love to translate my learnings into words which may help me in terms of retaining knowledge. More importantly, I hope that whatever content I put out will eventually help others who are on this similar journey.

Although I may not be the best when it comes to gathering my thoughts and putting it into words, but rest assure I’ll try my best to be as clear and concise as possible.

Instead of the traditional way of blogging via wordpress, I thought of giving this whole Jekyll thing a shot since its FREE and all I needed was to probably pay for a domain name. It did took me awhile playing around with the configurations and trying to get this whole thing up and running but hey, it works!

The Plan

In terms of the type of content, I’ll be focusing more on the topic of virtualization for a start. I would generally be going into area of setting up and maintaining a personal mini homelab environment which would allow me to showcase “how-to” tutorials or feature demonstrations. I personally do not have a crazy homelab set-up of some sort but generally enough to showcase some of the key features. In time to come, I’ll definitely look into ways to showcase solutions that my homelab my not be able to support.